Cook: New Mark Pryor Ad Highlights Tom Cotton’s Women Troubles

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 142 views 

Senator Mark Pryor’s campaign released a new online ad today entitled “Equal Pay,” which goes after Tom Cotton’s record of opposing paycheck fairness for women.

You can watch the ad here or at the bottom of this post.

The ad features a young woman named Courtney who appeared in a previous Pryor ad that went after Cotton’s record of voting against Medicare.

Based on polling data and Pryor’s television ad strategy, it’s clear women voters will be a deciding factor in this U.S. Senate race. It’s no accident that Pryor’s last three television ads all featured women speaking directly to the camera on issues that are important to women. Pryor’s campaign is smartly attempting to widen the gender gap and gain support with this demographic that remains undecided at this point in the race.

A newspaper political columnist I respect greatly periodically writes a column where he has a conversation with an imaginary character named Bubba McCoy to gauge how Arkansans are reacting to various political topics. It always makes for astute insights.

However in the context of the Arkansas U.S. Senate race, who cares what Bubba McCoy thinks – what does Mrs. McCoy think? And how will Bubba’s daughter and granddaughter react when they learn Cotton had the audacity to be the only Arkansas Congressman to vote against the Violence Against Women Act?

What is Bubba’s mama gonna think when she learns Cotton wants to turn Medicare into a sloppy voucher program and make folks wait until they hit 70 before they can get Medicare?

From Pryor’s spokesperson Amy Schlesing:

“On the issues that really matter to women and families in Arkansas, issues like paycheck fairness for women in the workplace, Congressman Cotton just isn’t listening to us. Congressman Cotton doesn’t seem to understand that women here in Arkansas are tired of working just as hard and getting paid less.”

Bubba may have already made up his mind on who he’s going vote for in the U.S. Senate race. But it looks like it will be Bubba’s female relatives, and other women voters across the state, who’ll determine who gets sworn in come January.

Script of Pryor’s New Ad:
Hi, it’s Courtney again. I’ve read some more about Tom Cotton.

He not only wants to mess with Medicare and make it cost more, but Tom Cotton also voted in Congress against equal pay for women.

It’s right here: Cotton opposes equal pay for equal work.

He believes I don’t deserve the same pay for doing the same job as a man.

That’s so… yesterday.

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