Cook: Bill Clinton Helping Mike Ross Raise Money

by Michael Cook ( 6 views 

Cong. Mike Ross started his political career as a driver for Bill Clinton during the former President’s comeback run in 1982. Eighteen years after that race, many credit a campaign rally in Pine Bluff featuring President Clinton as helping then-State Senator Mike Ross defeat Congressman Jay Dickey.

Today, it seems the former President is primed to hit the campaign trail once more for his former aide.

This morning, Clinton sent a fundraising email encouraging folks to contribute to Ross’s gubernatorial campaign.

This is significant as it’s one the first major indications that President Clinton plans to campaign for Mike Ross. Last year, Clinton served as a special guest at a Mark Pryor fundraiser, helping the Senator raise $1 million. I bet we’ll see Clinton do something similar for Ross at some point.

From Clinton’s email:

When I was running for governor of Arkansas in 1982, a talented and energetic young man named Mike Ross was a big help to me and my campaign.

Mike drove me all over the state and I became close friends with him. I even had a hunch that someday he might run for Governor himself.

Today, we’re all in luck: Mike Ross will be the Democratic nominee for Arkansas’s highest office, and he’s got the experience to knock it out of the park.

But this is going to be one of the most competitive gubernatorial races of 2014. Polls are pretty much neck-and-neck. It’s up to all of us to build support around the campaign, so tell the world, right now, today, “I like Mike!”

Mike Ross has a history of coming through and winning: Back in the 2000 elections, when he first ran for Congress, he was the only Democrat outside of California to unseat a Republican incumbent.

In Congress, Mike fought against Republican attempts to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and he consistently voted to raise the minimum wage.

Mike is also a staunch supporter of our public school system. He and his children went to school here in Arkansas and he comes from a family of public school educators.

Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about being governor of Arkansas: Mike Ross will be a great one — he’ll fight for more jobs and better schools, and for women and seniors. He’ll be a governor every Arkansas family can depend on.

Click here to join me in saying “I Like Mike!” — and make sure people know you’re with him in his race to become Arkansas’s next governor.

I very much look forward to Mike Ross — a great friend, a good man, and a real leader — becoming Arkansas’s next governor.

Thanks for taking the time to join Mike’s campaign. I hope to see you on the campaign trail.

Political observers will also remember that Ross’ likely GOP challenger, Asa Hutchinson, led the impeachment proceedings against Clinton in the late ’90’s, another motivator for Clinton to involve himself in the Arkansas Governor’s race this year.