Leaders Meet To Discuss Bolstering Rural Economy

by Talk Business & Politics staff (staff2@talkbusiness.net) 10 views 

From our content partner, Ch. 4 News:

Leaders from the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) met Wednesday to discuss ways to boost the economy in rural parts of the country.

Gov. Mike Beebe opened the forum Wednesday morning at the Statehouse Convention Center, where U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack addressed leaders during a luncheon.

Organizers say they want to highlight programs and initiatives that are working in the rural parts of the country and creating jobs.

“It’s the work ethic we have, it’s the tradition. It’s the ability to know when jobs are created in rural America, individuals can be successful and they can continue to grow their economy, and it’s good business,” said the Delta Regional Authority’s executive director, Chris Massengill.

Congress created the DRA in 2000 to represent counties and parishes in eight states.

You can view a video report from Ch. 4’s Dustin Barnes at this link.