National Banned Book Week in Van Buren

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The Van Buren Public Library will join with others this week, September 23 -27, to highlight National Banned Book Week to honor the freedom to read, and the value of free and open access to information. Librarians have often had to stand up for choice and freedom of speech. To draw attention to this theme, Branch Director, Danalene Porter, will be "arrested" on Monday, September 23rd, and "mug shots" of patrons supporting her position on access to books and expression of ideas will be posted on Facebook Tuesday. On Wednesday, at 3:30, you can express your creativity by making book necklaces and a booksafe. Expressive buttons will be handed out on Thursday.  Friday will feature banned book treats, such as "Grapes of Wrath" muffins, Nightlock cookies, and exploding bon bon brownies. To finish the week, drop by Saturday, September 28th at 1:00 PM to see the movie made of the Ray Bradbury book depicting an American society where books were outlawed and burned.