NAIFA-WA Town Hall Meeting

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NAIFA Western Arkansas

September 16, 2013 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Ft. Smith Convention Center Auditorium, 55 South 7th Street Ft. Smith, AR

Health Care Reform Town Hall Meeting

Issues to be addressed:

>How will Health Care Reform (Obama Care) in Exchange or private covered work in Arkansas

>All individuals will be required to have employer or, enroll, or pay a fine coverage

>How consumers enroll, who can help the consumer enroll and the license/certification they must have to enroll consumers

>Major medical coverage will be available, no pre-existing limitations                                                  

>Many consumers will be eligible for premium support, for all or some of their premium based on income

   >All issues related to Health Care Reform(Obama Care) major medical coverage will be discussed

Invite a friend or family member to this informative event


Representative of Arkansas Insurance Department, Arkansas Human Service Department, Medicaid Department of Arkansas Legislator, Representative of Personal

Assisters and Arkansas Insurance Agent

List of Exchange certified agents

$10 per name and phone number