Two More Names Added To Senate District 21 Field

by Roby Brock ( 5 views 

Add another candidate to each political party primary in the race to fill Sen. Paul Bookout’s Senate District 21 vacated seat.

On Wednesday, former State Sen. Gene Roebuck (D) said he was “100%” in the race. Roebuck was defeated in a Democratic primary in his re-election bid in May 2000 by former State Sen. Claud Cash (D). He also lost a State Representative primary race to former State Rep. Chris Thyer (D) in 2002.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of confidence, prayers and support. I could never return the many calls, letters, and emails I have received. I am so thankful to have each and everyone of you. I have decided to run 100%. I have planted both feet in the campaign and am running 100% for this district. Thanks seems so small but again THANKS!” said Roebuck on his Facebook page.

Although he makes no mention of his party affiliation in his statement, Roebuck, an insurance agent in Jonesboro, has run repeatedly on the Democratic ticket and has not suggested otherwise.  Local sources confirm that he intends to run as a Democrat.

On the Republican side, Chad Niell, CEO of Tiger Correctional Services, said he would announce his candidacy on Thursday.

“Please join me this Thursday as I announce my candidacy for Senate Seat 21. I need and would appreciate your support,” Niell said on his Facebook page.

John Cooper and Dan Sullivan have already announced they would seek the GOP nomination, and Steve Rockwell has declared his intention to seek the Democratic bid.

Gov. Beebe is expected to set an election calendar for the race later this week. A spokesman for his office said Tuesday that he intended to have the general election settled before this year’s holiday season.