ARK Winner StackSearch Signs Systems Integration Partnership

by Paul Gatling ([email protected]) 72 views 

Fayetteville startup StackSearch Inc. has been selected as a systems integration partner with Elasticsearch, the company behind the popular open-source search and analytics software of the same name.

The agreement makes StackSearch the first U.S.-based company to partner with Elasticsearch, which is headquartered in Amsterdam.

“We are honored to partner with this forward-thinking company,” StackSearch CEO Mark Brandon said in a press release.

StackSearch, founded in 2012, is an enterprise search solution expert, with its newest product, qbox, being hosted Elasticsearch that accelerates the development of search applications.

Qbox is serving customers in Europe and the United States through Ireland- and Texas-based clusters, with Asian clusters slated later this year.

What is Elasticsearch? It’s a tool for querying written words, according to California-based software developer Andrew Cholokian, who is writing a book on the software.

More specifically, Elasticsearch is a standalone database server, written in Java, which collects big data and stores it in a sophisticated format optimized for language-based searches.

The purpose is to organize big data and make it easily accessible. The power of the technical union makes for a faster, smarter and more satisfying search experience for web and mobile searching.

From a business perspective, customers can help their online shoppers find what they need faster and smarter.

StackSearch is making good on the $150,000 investment it received through the ARK Challenge accelerator program in November.

Currently, StackSearch has four employees and offices in the Garrison Financial building on Dickson Street, and has crisscrossed the country for training, pitches, negotiations and conferences.