Hog Haus Brewing Company Misses Renewal Date

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 47 views 

You’d think that if the name of your business was Hog Haus Brewing Company that you’d remember to renew your beer permit with the state alcohol board.

Well, think again.

Hog Haus wasn’t allowed to sell beer and liquor July 9 because it didn’t renew its licenses by the annual state-mandated deadline of June 30. Instead, it had to pay a $1,125 penalty — in addition to the $2,250 renewal fee.

And, of course, all those missed sales came on one of Hog Haus’ premier days — Taster Tuesday, when Hog Haus features deals on its craft beers.

To its credit, Hog Haus renewed July 10 and everything is back to normal. Still, Hog Haus is not a startup. It’s one of the most recognizable bars on Dickson Street, and, some might argue, a Fayetteville institution.

Letting the beer permit lapse? Owner Kari Larson should know better.