Cook: Governor’s Race Breaking For Democrats

by Michael Cook ( 6 views 

Today, former Lt. Governor Bill Halter exited the race for Governor. In his eloquent statement announcing his departure, Halter congratulated former Congressman Mike Ross and pledged to help Ross and other Democratic nominees in 2014.

In short, Halter left the Governor’s race with class and dignity, in my opinion.

Today’s announcement was good news for Democrats and bad news for Republicans.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for Governor has raised more than a million dollars more than the presumptive Republican nominee for Governor.

Asa Hutchinson is struggling to convince the donor community that he can win statewide, even though he’s run and lost three times previously. Their skepticism is reflected in Asa’s lackluster fundraising efforts.

As you recall, last quarter Mike Ross broke Arkansas fundraising records and brought in $1.9 million dollars to Hutchinson’s $378,000.

With Halter’s departure, Ross now avoids a costly and bloody primary and can focus all his attention on Asa Hutchinson.

Arkansas Republicans are stuck with their version of Mitt Romney: a candidate none of them are particularly wild about, but there’s no one on their bench credible enough to be defeat him in a primary.

In the race for Governor, so far things are breaking the right way for Arkansas Democrats.