Campaign Contribution Reports Roll In

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 14 views 

Throughout the day, political candidates are expected to file quarterly campaign contribution and expense reports, which will indicate early financial support for races they are seeking.

This post will be updated throughout the day to reflect reports received. We’ll be operating on the actual reports, candidate press releases, and direct sources to accumulate the data.

Visit this page throughout the day for a compilation of new filings for statewide and federal races.

Second Quarter Fundraising:

U.S. Senator Mark Pryor (D)
$1,200,000 Raised
$3,920,000 Cash-on-hand

Cong. Rick Crawford (R)
First District Congress
$99,185 Raised
$168,932 Cash-on-hand

Cong. Tim Griffin (R)
Second District Congress
$275,000 Raised
$447,334 Cash-on-hand

Cong. Steve Womack (R)
Third District Congress
$123,426 Raised
$578,970 Cash-on-hand

Cong. Tom Cotton (R) 
Fourth District Congress
$611,341 Raised
$1.04 million Cash-on-hand

Curtis Coleman (R)
Arkansas Governor
$101,715 Raised (includes $25,000 loan from candidate)
$16,747 Cash-on-hand

Bill Halter (D)
Arkansas Governor
$92,900 Raised
$837,047 Cash-on-hand (includes $640,000 loan from candidate)

Asa Hutchinson (R) 
Arkansas Governor
$378,795 Raised
$649,169 Cash-on-hand

Mike Ross (D)
Arkansas Governor
$1.97 million Raised
$1,696,125 Cash-on-hand