Brawner: Governor, Lieutenant Governor Better Together?

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 4 views 

Talk Business contributor and Stephens Media columnist Steve Brawner explores the campaign and potential governing relationship of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross and Lt. Governor hopeful John Burkhalter.

Brawner recalls the last Governor-Lt. Governor team of Win Rockefeller and Maurice “Footsie” Britt, who even had yard signs made with their joint names in appearance.

Brawner writes:

The Ross and Burkhalter campaigns plan to run separate operations and won’t print joint yard signs, but they ought to seriously consider it if they both win the primary.

Ross has spent his career as a moderate Democrat, while Burkhalter is an independently wealthy contractor and engineer. Together they could try to run on a “Jobs First” platform, a message that was displayed on the sign behind them during their joint announcement.

Also on the sign were the words “Focused on the Future,” which they’ll have to be because Republicans will win a lot of votes focusing on President Obama, who is very unpopular in Arkansas.

Putting the politics aside, working together now would serve the candidates well when they actually start governing, which is supposed to be the point of all this.

Read his full take from the Arkansas News Bureau at this link.