Cook: Hypocritical GOP Attacks Against Mark Pryor

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 60 views 

It always amazes me when Republicans jump headfirst into the pool of hypocrisy. It”s like they believe people won”t bother to take the time to check the facts.

The latest example is a attacking Senator Mark Pryor paid for by a right-wing super-PAC called “Senate Conservatives Action.

The ad features Arkansan Bill Shroyer, owner of Splash Superpools in North Little Rock. Shroyer says in the ad:

“Washington just doesn”t get it. They don”t understand the consequences of their laws. They feel good when they do them, and they’re all catastrophes. Look around, Senator Pryor. We used to have about 100 people working here. Now we have 25. The policies that you’re creating in Washington are killing these companies.”

What Shroyer and the right-wing Super-PAC neglect to mention is that Splash Superpools received $287,560 in Obama stimulus money.

Click here and go to page 65 and you”ll see Splash Superpools listed third from the bottom as getting a huge chunk of change from a Washington which “just doesn”t get it.”

Without that injection of capital into Shroyer”s company, made possible by “big, bad Washington,” would Mr. Shroyer even have a business after the 2008 meltdown which caused many folks to cut back on luxury items, such as, you know, pools?

I”ll give my respect to Mr. Shroyer for running a small business, which is the lifeblood of the Arkansas economy.

But it”s shockingly hypocritical of a shady right-wing Super-PAC to feature a businessman in their ad who has been directly helped by Mark Pryor, to then attack Mark Pryor. Maybe Mr. Shroyer should cut an ad thanking Pryor for helping save his business?

We can expect more of these dishonest and misleading ads from outside, right-wing groups. It”s a long way until November of 2014.

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