Tolbert: Asa Hutchinson Receives Support From Key Republican Legislators

by Jason Tolbert ( 4 views 

An invitation went out this week for a fundraiser for Asa Huthinson for Governor.  The event hosts had a list of some of the top Republican state legislators indicating early support for the candidate most perceive to be the clear front-runner in the Republican primary.

The list includes both Senate Pro Temp Michael Lamoureux and House Speaker Davy Carter as well as incoming Senate Pro Temp Jonathan Dismang, Senators Cecile Bledsoe,  Ron Caldwell, and Bart Hester, and Representatives John Burris, Andy Davis, Jon Eubanks, Jeremey Gillam, Bill Gossage, Micah Neal, and Matthew Shepherd.

All in all, it is a solid list of top lawmakers indicating a high degree of early support.

The fundraiser will be Friday at lunch at Doe’s in Little Rock with ticket prices at $250.

Asa Hutchinson faces retired businessman Curtis Coleman and State Rep. Debra Hobbs who formally announced her candidacy yesterday.