Dinner Train 2013

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The Fort Smith Trolley Museum will host a dinner train to Winslow, Arkansas, on Saturday, June 15, 2013. The train will leave from the Trolley Museum, located at 100 South 4th St. in Fort Smith, Arkansas, at 5:00 PM. Boarding will begin at 4:45 PM. Passengers will have the option of enjoying a four course sit down dinner in the Arkansas and Missouri Vista Dome car #108, or enjoy a family outing with a box dinner in one of the Arkansas and Missouri coach cars. This will be a good opportunity to take Dad out to dinner on his special weekend.
Accommodations in the Arkansas & Missouri Vista Dome car #108 will include a dinner consisting of an appetizer, spring salad, steamed vegetables, bread, and choice of Prime Rib with baked potato, or Grilled Chicken Breast on a bed of long grain and wild rice. Dinner will be topped off with a delicious dessert. Tea, water and wine will be available. Please choose your entrée’ at the time you make your reservations. Cost for dinner in the Vista Dome car will be $150.00 per person.
Accommodations in the Arkansas & Missouri coach cars will include a box dinner consisting of a Grilled Chicken sandwich, pasta salad, veggies with ranch dip, and a dessert. Water and soda pop will be available. Cost for the Coach cars will be $60.00 for Adult, and $25.00 for children.
Tickets may be purchased by calling the Fort Smith Trolley Museum at 479-783-0205, Bradley Martin at 479-650-5456: [email protected], or Henry Moore at 479-650-0103: [email protected]. We hope to see you there! Reservations or tickets must be made or purchased by Friday June 14, 2013. We accept Discover, VISA, and Master Card.
_________ Vista Dome tickets @ $150.00 each ($100.00 is tax deductible) $_________
Entrée (choose 1) _____Prime Rib _____ Grilled Chicken
_________ Coach Class: Adults @ $60.00 each ($25.00 is tax deductible) $_________
_________ Child @ $25.00 each (no tax deduction) $_________
_________ Other Donation (100% tax deductible) $_________
Phone number:____________________________ TOTAL $_________
Credit Card Information: VISA _____ M/C_____ Account #:____________________________
DISCOVER_______ American Express ________
Expiration Date:________ Security Code _____ Signature:____________________________
Address: _________________________________ Please Mail to: Fort Smith Trolley Museum
City:________________________                                                            100 South 4th
                                                                                                                            Fort Smith Arkansas 72901