First Oil Spill Lawsuit Filed Against Exxon Mobil

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 8 views 

One week after the Mayflower oil spill, a federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of two plaintiffs, Kathryn Jane Roachell Chunn and Kimla Greene, two Mayflower residents affected by the Exxon Mobil pipeline break. The lawsuit seeks class action status for other neighbors impacted.

The lawsuit contends that real property in the area affected is “at risk for permanent damage” and seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

The case has been assigned to District Judge Brian Miller and Magistrate Jerome Kearney. It seeks a jury trial.

In addition to this first lawsuit, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (D) has given Exxon Mobil an April 10 deadline to comply with a subpoena.

McDaniel has demanded that Exxon Mobil produce investigative reports, inspection reports and other information connected to the company’s pipeline rupture and oil spill in Mayflower.