Talk Politics With Gov. Mike Beebe

by Roby Brock ( 3 views 

Tuesday morning, January 8, at 10 a.m., Talk Business Arkansas will launch its latest installment of “Talk Politics,” our Q&A session with Gov. Mike Beebe (D).  If you want to watch the live-stream interview, here is the access link.

This is your chance to participate and ask questions of your elected officials. You can submit questions via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook in advance, which will help ensure your question gets answered. We’ll do our best to take questions during the actual live-stream also.

Beebe will be coming off an appearance before the Associated Press’ Managing Editors conference on Monday, so there should be plenty of inquiries based on what he will say.

Also, the 89th General Assembly begins next week and there are plenty of topics for debate on this subject.

Send your questions in advance to or through Twitter or Facebook using the #talkpolitics hash tag.