Speaker-elect Davy Carter Leaving Daily Bank Job

by Talk Business & Politics staff (staff2@talkbusiness.net) 9 views 

Yesterday, former House Speaker-elect Darrin Williams (D-Little Rock) took a bank job, today incoming Speaker Davy Carter (R-Cabot) exited from one.

Carter announced on Thursday (Jan. 10) that he would step down from his job with Centennial Bank, a subsidiary of Conway-based Home Bancshares. Carter, who is also an attorney, has held the position of Division President with the bank.

“I am extremely grateful for the many opportunities afforded to me during my time at Centennial Bank. My association with the people there has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, both professionally and personally, and it is very difficult for me to leave an organization that is so close to my heart,” Carter tells Talk Business Arkansas.

“When I ran for Speaker, I committed 110% of my time and energy towards working for the people of Arkansas, which is why I am resigning from my day-to-day duties at the bank. I will, however, remain on the regional board of directors,” he said. “Right now I am completely focused on the legislative session and the many issues we will face in the upcoming months.”

Home Bancshares Chairman John Allison has spoken highly of Carter in recent weeks.  In a business/political op-ed slated to be published this weekend, Allison said, “We need more politicians like Governor Mike Beebe and Rep. Davy Carter who aren’t afraid to cross party lines to get things done for the good of the state.”

Beebe, a Democrat, has also spoken admiringly of Carter, a Republican.

On Monday, Beebe told reporters that Carter “reminds me of me,” in reference to his youth, bipartisanship, and reformer reputation.

Talk Business Arkansas will update this story later today.