Forty Under 40: Charles George

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Charles George said there are not a lot of differences between him and his twin brother, Carl. And he’s right. They were born on the same day, went to the same college and hold the same title at George’s Inc. — co-CEO and president.

After thinking about it a while, however, he said there might be one key difference.

“That’s a tough question,” he said. “We’re very similar in a lot of ways. We’re both looking for the same thing and we have the same goals. But Carl is methodical and detailed, and at times, I’m not.”

That said, any differences between the two are miniscule compared to what they share — a lifelong appreciation and commitment to the family business.

And now that he and Carl are leading the company, they’re firmly united in what the next step should be.

“Our father and grandfather positioned us for growth,” George said.

With great customers and great facilities, George said, growth shouldn’t be a problem.

With its long hours and big decisions, life as a CEO takes its toll. But George has plenty to go home to at the end of a work day. He and wife, Samantha, have four-year-old twin sons, Asher and Garrick.

“When I’m not at work, I’m hanging out with them,” he said.

A third child is on the way in November.