OCA Update Sparks Critical Commentary

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OK, here goes — Osage Creek Amphitheater.

If you have tired of that topic, don’t shoot the messenger. After all, construction of the privately financed outdoor music venue in rural Benton County — situated on 72 acres and appraised at $5.4 million — has been discussed as a (eventual) magnet for brand-name musicians and cussed as a boondoggle for years.

Remember, the facility was originally supposed to open with a Willie Nelson concert in June 2011. But a question posted Jan. 13 on the OCA’s Facebook page got our attention, and we’re simply passing it along.

“What bands or tours do YOU want to see at Osage Creek Live in 2013? #wondering”

The Response

Nearly 100 comments were received in less than 24 hours. Most offered their suggestions, running a gamut from Phish to The Flaming Lips, Fun, Stevie Wonder, Kansas, Jay-Z, Rush and Mumford and Sons.

There were also the smarty-pants answers. A sampling:

“Anybody. Just open already!”

The Beatles!!!!! Because that’s more likely than anything else at this point.”

“Are you even ever going to open? When you do I’ll let u know!!!”

“I drove out and looked at this place about two weeks ago, it looks like an abandoned field with a lot of debris and overgrown dried up sage grass, you will never have this thing ready for the 2013 touring season, quit kidding yourself and the public.”

“Just drove by there today to look… You guys are buckling back in it looks like…. We r ready!!”

“People generally don’t like it when they purchase tickets for a major headliner and then the show is cancelled because as it turns out, there’s no venue. Most people would be more excited about some photographic evidence that this venue is more than a pipe dream, rather than some vague talk about possible shows in the future.”

“Build it and we will come! I agree with a lot of people here. No opinion until it is done. I go by all the time. What difference does it make who we want to see?”

We kept waiting for a response from OCA, we assume penned by Greg Smith, who is heading the construction effort.

Smith, a good guy, had finally heard enough. His response:

“Hey, hey, hey. Obviously it does make a difference what your opinions are, you are here aren’t you? We truly do care. Asking for an opinion is what is to be expected on a fan page. Don’t like it, keep scrolling… Nay-Sayers will not help live music arrive any faster. Stay positive guys, Negative Nancy is not the answer. We shall embrace the jewel of an amphitheater in NW Arkansas. Not only is it real, it’s alive. Help keep the vibe alive.”

So, there you have it. Rock on, OCA.