House Member Vehicle Suspected In Hit-and-Run

by Jason Tolbert ( 25 views 

According to charges made in a police report from the Little Rock Police Department, a corvette with House license plate number 80 was involved in a hit-and-run at 12th and University on Thursday afternoon (Jan. 10) around 1:15 pm. The license plate belongs to freshman Rep. Mike Holcomb (D-Pine Bluff).

Holcomb admits that his wife drives a Corvette with his House license plate number 80 on it, but that she does not remember being involved in any accident.

The police report was filed by Nicole McCain of Little Rock, who stated that a blue Corvette with the license number 80 hit her Chevrolet Equinox on her rear drive side at the intersection of 12th and University.  According to the report, the Corvette passed Ms. McCain and hit her rear driver’s side causing around $500 in damages, but that no one was injured.  The Corvette left the scene following the accident and before police arrived.

In a telephone interview Thursday evening, Rep. Holcomb said that his wife was driving a silver Corvette with his House license plate number 80 today in Little Rock and was at Park Plaza mall around that time.  The mall is located a few blocks from the intersection where the accident occurred.  Holcomb insists that she does not remember even being in a near-miss, much less an accident.

“If somebody sees a legislative license plate, they can easily make something like this up,” said Holcomb.

In addition to his wife being sure she was not involved in an accident, Holcomb said he inspected his Corvette closely upon my phone call and did not see any damage to the vehicle. In addition, Holcomb has been in contact with the Little Rock Police Department and the Arkansas State Police who photographed his car on Friday.

I have attempted to reach Ms. McCain at the number provided on the police report and left a voice mail, but have not heard back from her.

If you recall this is not the first time a legislator has been involved in a traffic situation during the opening days on the session.  In 2011, Sen. Bruce “Fireball” Holland (R-Greenwood) was stopped for speeding in Perry County after a high speed chase finally pulled over his Nissan 350Z sports with his legislative plates.  Note, Holland now has his legislative plates on a large flatbed truck.

More as this develops.