Cotton’s Core Revealed

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 102 views 

Before Tom Cotton was even sworn in as the new Congressman from the 4th District, many wondered just how Cotton’s votes would reflect his core beliefs.  I had assumed it would take a few months of votes for a pattern to develop – I was wrong.

With just one vote, Tom Cotton revealed his core beliefs, earning himself a nickname in the process: Callous Cotton.

In October of last year, Hurricane Sandy devastated the coasts of New York and New Jersey and last week a $9 billion aid relief bill appeared before the House.  This only after New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie castigated the Republican Congress from holding up the vote in first place.

The relief bill passed the House 354-67.  All 67 no votes were from Republicans and one of them was Callous Cotton.

Cotton released a statement about his vote:

“I pledged throughout my campaign to confront America’s debt crisis and today I upheld that pledge by voting against legislation that would have added another $10 billion to our staggering national debt because it did not offset that funding for the national flood-insurance program with equal spending cuts.”

Tom Cotton’s position is this:  We’ll help Americans whose lives have been destroyed by the Hurricane just as soon as we can make the budget math work.

Not exactly looking out for fellow Americans.

Cotton wanted a grand debate on spending cuts, which would take weeks, while Americans were hurting and in desperate need of help.  That’s all heart, Congressman.

Now that Cotton voted against aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, can one reasonably extrapolate that Cotton plans to stick it to South Arkansas if, and sadly when, a tornado or flood hits his district?  How can he oppose aid to the Northeast, without budget offsets, and not do the same when South Arkansas needs it?

I emailed Cotton’s office yesterday asking if the Congressman would vote against aid to South Arkansas if a tragedy such as a flood or a tornado struck, but as of yet I haven’t heard back. I wonder if they’re too busy responding to national media and don’t have time for the Arkansas media?  If Cotton’s office responds, I’ll update the story with his comments.

Former New York Republican U.S. Senator Al D’Amato said it best about Cotton and the 67 Congressmen who voted against the aid bill:

“They’re a bunch of jackasses. Every one of the 67 who voted no are nothing more than pawns of a philosophy that is not backed up by facts.”

Pretty harsh words against Cotton from a prominent Republican.

Cotton is not off to a good start and his voting record may end up being harmful to the 4th Congressional District.  We better pray that South Arkansas doesn’t face a natural disaster anytime soon.