Andi Davis Comments On McDaniel Press Conference (UPDATED)

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 169 views 

After Dustin McDaniel’s press conference today I emailed Andi Davis, the woman the Attorney General has had an admitted inappropriate relationship.

I asked what was her reaction to comments made by the Attorney General at today’s press conference.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the most she has said on the record about this situation.

Here is her complete response:

My reaction is disappointment. It is one thing to make a mistake and another to keep making it. I feel hamstrung by the legal complexities that exist in my life at this juncture as they prevent me from speaking freely.

I understand that I made the choices and decisions that led me to where I stand today. Being patient and waiting for the prudent time to release my truth is extremely taxing. I am frustrated that the press release did not provide anyone involved with the ability to relax and move on in a productive manner. Any and all statements of substance and greater specificity will be released through my attorney, Jeff Rosenzweig.

UPDATE: I followed up on the statement from Andi Davis about her reaction being one of “disappointment.” She suggests that the relationship was more than a “limited interaction.” On the record, she states:

I am disappointed because Dustin did nothing but muddy the water more. I want this chapter to conclude. I understand that I face possible ramifications — ethically, morally and professionally — but every half truth told only leads to another question/answer session. Those may have value when running for political office but they have no value in my life. I miss my less dramatic and public life with my kids and my job. I don’t want to seem as if I am a victim. I am an adult and I have made the choices that are so publicly evident. However, my mistakes don’t define me. I am ready to move past them. Let’s call a spade a spade and move on.

There were over 500 text exchanges in 2011 and through February 2012. There simply is not a point in coming forward and volunteering this information unless honest answers are provided. I am not going to comment about a lie with a mistruth. Again, it is a waste of time. And these 500 plus text exchanges between myself and Dustin have been preserved in the Arkansas Crime Lab so they obviously will eventually be provided to the masses for review. I am not going through this again when they are released. Therefore, the press conference was immensely short-sighted, hence — disappointing.