Van Tilbury Named CEO Of East-Harding

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 65 views 

After six years in an upper management role, East-Harding Construction has selected Van Tilbury to serve as its CEO.

Bob East, current CEO, will transition out of that role and remain chairman of the board. Tom Harding will become vice-chairman of the board and Tilbury will serve as secretary of the board.

Tilbury joined the Little Rock-based commercial construction firm in 2004 as Vice President, Business Development. In 2006, Tilbury was named President and Tom Harding became COO.  In 2010, Tilbury became a stockholder and partner.

“Tom Harding and I are very excited to recognize Van Tilbury’s significant role in our company by naming him Chief Executive Officer”, said Bob East.  “Van is a tremendous asset to our company and has managed East-Harding day to-day for the last six years. He understands our corporate culture and our clientele and he shares our business ethics. He has taken great care of our long-term clients and has also grown our company into new markets. He has worked with our existing team effectively and hired talent that has added depth and new expertise to our company. He has been our strategic leader and has invested in new technology that is the future of our industry.” how to get your ex back

East also noted that Tilbury helped grow the company every year since 2008 and throughout the recession.

East-Harding, Inc., founded in 1974 by the merger of Robert East Company and Thomas Harding Construction, has been a leader in commercial construction in Arkansas for almost 39 years.