Adam & Eats: Larry’s Main Street Burger

by The City Wire staff ( 13 views 

On this week’s adventure, I had intended for us to eat at the new gyro stand in the Quarry Shopping Center. Come to find out, the new stand is actually Paizi’s Gyros, only a smaller cart.

The good news is that Paizi’s is back.

The bad news is that that doesn’t make for a good new restaurant adventure, seeing as how you know how much I want to have Hari’s little Greek babies. So, I ate at the cart anyway, just without you.

After a week of a coma-inducing family-oriented eat-a-thon, the thought of food is actually nauseating. Nonetheless, we must soldier on. And what better thing to eat, after such turkey and dressing themed meals, than a burger and tots. That is why, this week, we head over to Van Buren for one of the most busted-ass looking, yet simultaneously delicious burgers in the area. So, loosen your belt a notch and pop a Tums, because we are off for another round of eating.

Located in the most awkward drive-thru in the area, is Larry’s Main Street Burger.

Seriously, do I have to tell you it is on Main Street in Van Buren. I thought that, by now, it would be obvious. Not only is Main Street burgers a little tricky and confusing to navigate into, it also keeps weird hours. They are open Monday through Friday from something like 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

So much for us eating there for dinner on Saturday night.

Anyway, despite the weird parking lot and strange hours, the people are very happy to see you and ever so friendly. Once you get your bag of deliciously greasy goodness into the car, the smell will be so wonderfully overpowering that it will take every ounce of your willpower to not start eating it on the way back home or work. Whatever the temptation, don’t give in. You’ll miss out on the visuals of unwrapping a piece of food that looks like it was hit by a truck.

Despite its “seen-better-days” appearance, the food is pretty excellent. The burger patties are handmade and piled high with the usual favorites. The chili cheese dog is six inches of pure delight. If you know what I mean. And the tots are surprisingly unordinary.

That was all I managed to try before my stomach started sending messages to my brain with words like “explode” and “you’ll be sorry” in them.

Larry’s is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. Or in this case a burger by its smashedness.

Once you recover from the holiday feasting, I suggest a trip to Main Street burger for lunch. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised. Right after you recover from the confusion of the parking lot.

Until next time, good eating to you and yours.