Tolbert: A Prediction That Republicans Will Prevail

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 1 views 

Talk Business blogger Jason Tolbert uses his weekly Stephens Media column to hand out his predictions on election day tallies for Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature.

From his column:

It likely will be the year Republicans prevail. Republicans are hopeful of ending up with sizable majorities in both chambers. It is conceivable that the GOP could end up with as many as 60 House seats and up to 20 seats in the Senate.

Democrats have been fighting a Republican tide for some time. To their credit, Arkansas has remained in Democratic control much longer than most other Southern states, due largely to strong personalities within the party, including former President Bill Clinton.

While Democrats hope to avert a Republican takeover largely on the popularity of Gov. Mike Beebe, it likely will be the year Republicans paint the Arkansas political landscape red.

You can read Tolbert’s full column here and his more recent predictions on his blog, The Tolbert Report, at this link.