Berry Pre-Coon Supper Event To Raise Scholarship Money

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 5 views 

Mitch Berry, son of former Congressman Marion Berry, announced on Tuesday (Nov. 27) that the “Pre-Coon Supper Reception” will again be held before the annual Gillett Coon Supper.  Beginning this year, the event will serve as a fundraiser to provide an endowed scholarship to a student at Arkansas State University.

“Last year we decided at the last minute to continue the tradition, and we were really amazed at the turnout,” said Mitch Berry. “Democrats continued to show up, and a lot of Republicans came to see what coon really tasted like.”

“As you know, Dad was not able to attend last year due to his health, so I think the Republicans felt safe showing up. I hope people of all political stripes will show up for the reception again this year to support this bi-partisan cause, and then go to the Coon Supper to support the community of Gillett,” Berry added.

The Marion and Carolyn Berry Scholarship will be awarded to a qualifying ASU student who shows an interest in public policy and public service. A primary focus of the scholarship will be to encourage the next generation of leaders to participate in public service through internships with a member of the Arkansas congressional delegation.

The Gillett Coon Supper is hosted by the Gillett Farmers and Businessman’s Club and has long been a required stop on the Arkansas political circuit.

The reception will start at 3:30 pm on January 12, 2013 at the Berry farm shop in Gillett. Tickets will be $30 each. The Coon Supper begins at the Gillett Auditorium at 6:30 p.m.