Hubbard’s New Press Statements Present More Problems For Arkansas GOP

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 126 views 

Republican State Representative Jon Hubbard, after hiding from the media for days, went on record with the Jonesboro Sun on Tuesday and attempted to defend his book that has caused a statewide and national controversy.

In defending his writings, Jon Hubbard actually digs himself, and Arkansas Republican leaders, deeper into a hole.

First, Hubbard once again hits on the theme that African-Americans are lucky they were once slaves. Hubbard from this week”s Jonesboro Sun:

“Slavery was cruel, but as a result of slavery, we have African-Americans living in this country today who are living here in situations that are probably much better to endure than if they were living in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you had the choice knowing the lifestyle of people living in Africa and knowing the lifestyle of people living in the United States, which would you choose? Pure and simple.”

Where do you even begin in analyzing this quote?  While he doesn”t say it directly in the above quote, he is once again basically stating that slavery was a “blessing in disguise.”

Another quote along the same line:

“But I think the end result — that they [African-Americans]  did get to live in America, although the means for getting here were terrible —I think the end result was better than it would have been if they had to live in Africa themselves.”

There it is again!!  Holy Toledo!  He”s saying once again that black **, is a Texas corporation and is wholly owned by State Farm Mutual Automobile Company. Americans are lucky their ancestors were slaves.

Want another crazy quote from Hubbard from this article?  Here you go:

Asked if the outcome justified the institution of slavery in early America, Hubbard said it did not.

“I don”t think anything justifies nearly three centuries of slavery, but the facts are the facts; we can”t take that back,” he said. “… I don”t know of any other way that black people in America could have gotten here if there hadn”t been slavery back at that time.”

According to Hubbard”s version of history, absolutely no one in Africa had a boat or a ship back in the day.

Hubbard”s Democratic challenger, Harold Copenhaver sums it all up correctly:

“To be frank, I”m appalled by it,” Copenhaver said. “The statements that he wrote in his book were appalling, and they don”t have a place in either party. … This isn”t a Democrat or Republican issue. This is a simple fact of the difference of right and wrong. This is wrong.”

Let”s be clear, Arkansas Republican leaders still want people to vote for Jon Hubbard.  They refused to ask him to resign and they refuse to ask Arkansans to vote against Hubbard, or the rest of The Three Stooges for that matter.

You”ll hear this concept many times from now until Election Day:

A vote for a Republican legislative majority is a vote to elect The Three Stooges and their racist beliefs which will take our state backward and continue to embarrass Arkansas nationally.