Bill Halter Radio Ad Blasts Loy Mauch And Charles Fuqua

by Michael Cook ( 7 views 

Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter has waded into the controversies surrounding Republican State Rep. Loy Mauch and former State Rep and current Republican candidate Charlie Fuqua.  Halter narrates two  radio spots lambasting Mauch & Fuqua for their  various outlandish writings over the years.  The spot were paid for by the campaigns of David Kizzia and James McLean.

From the anti-Mauch radio ad, which you can listen to here:

“I”m sad and angered by the written words of Representative candidate Loy Mauch.  Mauch has defended slavery and has called Abraham Lincoln a war criminal and a Marxist.  Mauch”s views are not the views of Arkansans and have no place in the Arkansas Legislature.”

Halter”s radio spot hits on a key point that you”ll likely hear in the coming weeks about Mauch and the rest of the Three Stooges:

“Now Mauch”s views are getting national attention and will make online slots it harder to recruit businesses to Arkansas. Please don”t elect someone who is hurting Arkansas”s image.”

From the anti-Fuqua radio ad:

“Charlie Fuqua actually believes that parents should be able to kill unruly children and that Social Security is the worst program every devised.  Fuqua”s views do not reflect the teachings of Christ, are not the views of Arkansans and have no place in the Arkansas Legislature.”

In the spot on Fuqua, Halter again hits on the theme that electing Fuqua makes it harder to recruit businesses.

I asked Halter what message he hoped voters living in Mauch”s district would take away from the radio ad:

“The writings of Loy Mauch demonstrate that he does not have the appropriate temperament for being an Arkansas legislator and that the national attention that”s been drawn to his opinions, which are outside the mainstream, could wind up being harmful to recruitment of businesses to Arkansas.”

Well said.