Rep. Loy Mauch: Public Education Is Radical Socialism And Communistic

by Michael Cook ( 8 views 

I’ve written previously about Arkansas’s most extreme elected official, Republican State Representative Loy Mauch.  As you may recall, earlier this year Mauch was named one of America’s Top 50 Worst Legislators by TruTV.

However, after recently reading some of Mauch’s writings, it is clear he is more radical, extreme and out of the mainstream than even I had previously believed.

Loy Mauch used to love sending Letters to the Editor at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and his beliefs will blow your hair back.

For starters, Loy Mauch thinks public schools are part of a socialist plot to destroy America.

From Mauch’s Letter to the Editor:

“Public education was forced upon the South during Reconstruction to complete the aim of the radical socialists, which was to destroy Southern conservatism. Their education agenda was to have children read and learn the same material, which in turn leads to their most important aim, to think the same way.” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 7-4-2006)

Yes, you read that right.  State Representative Loy Mauch believes public education is a socialist plot hoisted on the South.  In Mauch’s mind, the moment you begin teaching children that 2+2 = 4 then they become indoctrinated tools who will destroy America.

In another Letter to the Editor, Mauch makes it clear that not only is public education Socialist, but it’s also Communist!

“Since public education is one of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, there should be no doubt as to which side of the fence the left-leaning judge who made the recent decision concerning the plight of Paron High School is on.”  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9-16-2006)

Mauch believes public education is also Communist?!  Does Mauch hear black helicopters outside his house every night?  One has to wonder.

Perhaps this is why Mauch voted against increasing funding for K-12 education and more funds for colleges and universities earlier this year?  Don’t want them kids learning stuff, now do we?

Mauch’s writings also reveal that he believes the Arkansas Department of Education is “a tool… of tyrannical control and coercive manipulation” run by Marxists.  Mauch believes it has “no redeeming qualities” and should “be forever disbanded.”

It’s downright scary that Loy Mauch currently serves in the State Legislature.  Loy Mauch literally detests public education.  I’ve never heard of an Arkansas elected official who held that belief. I doubt that any parent in Mauch’s district believes their public schools are indoctrinating their children or that the elementary school is a Socialist salon.

It is clear that Mauch wants to dismantle public education and believes Arkansas’s children should remain uneducated lest they “read and learn the same material,” like radical notions that the earth revolves around the sun, or gravity, for instance.

State Representative Loy Mauch is a scary and disturbing extremist that voters in his district should vote out of office this November.