Rick Fahr: Jason Rapert, The Snake Oil Salesman

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 111 views 

Long-time Arkansas journalist Rick Fahr has an interesting column on the State Senate race featuring Democratic State Rep Linda Tyler versus Republican State Senator Jason Rapert.

From Fahr’s column:

[Jason] Rapert’s lobbying style lends one to believe he really doesn’t care what your opinion is.

Trying to get in a word of any sort during a conversation is fairly pointless — he has his spiel to get through. And that spiel never varies, no matter the occasion, locale or number of times the listener has heard it before.

First, he plays up his missionary work so that to question him is to question the evangelical God.

Next, he tells you how wrong you are about most any subject under the sun and how he’s under siege from the media and homosexuals and atheists. It’s his way or the wrong way.

Putting a fairly obvious point on it, [Linda] Tyler is much more pleasant to have lunch with.

Fahr correctly sizes up the race as a moderate, Tyler, versus a didactic “snake oil salesman,” which would be Rapert.

Here’s a link to Fahr’s column in the Arkansas Times.