Mark Martin’s Office Still Can’t Shoot Straight

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 95 views 

Secretary of State Mark Martin's office continues to prove to Arkansans that they're gang that can't shoot straight.

Last week Martin's spokesperson, Alex Reed, was in El Dorado speaking to a Republican Committee where, during his remarks, Reed insinuated that Arkansas's county clerks are apathetic and allowing illegal immigrants to vote.  His remarks were quoted in the local newspaper.

When Reed was asked later about his remarks he claimed to have been misquoted, which prompted the reporter to release the audio of Reed's speech which proved he did in fact make those remarks.


The nonpartisan Arkansas Association of County Clerks released a statement today strongly disputing Reed's claim that clerks are allowing illegal immigrants to vote, thus keeping this story alive another day.

One thing that hasn't been reported on is an audience ques

tion to Reed on redistricting that was draped in a racist premise.  In prefacing his redistricting question, the audience member made this outrageous claim:

“His [Beebe's] expert actually said because blacks were poorer, basically dumber, blah, blah, blah, that we gotta have 57% or 59% in our district to have a chance.”

What did the Secretary of State's spokesperson say in response to this outlandish statement?  Nothing.

Actually, Reed said “right” and then went on to talk about redistricting.

It's sad to see a government official let such a such racist claim go unanswered; moreover, no one in the audience disputed this claim.

It reminds me of the June Tea Party rally in Ozark where a keynote speaker made a racist joke and the audience laughed and applauded.

This whole episode has been a mess for Martin and his office from the very beginning and it continues to get worse.