Arkansas AFL-CIO Endorses Candidate Slate

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The Arkansas AFL-CIO released its 2012 political endorsements.

The labor union group touts 70 delegates from 29 International Unions representing 24,000 Arkansans in its union membership.

At its August 10-11 convention, the AFL-CIO took no position on all certain and proposed ballot measures, except for the Nancy Todd casino measure.  The group endorsed that proposal if it qualifies for the November ballot.

The AFL-CIO voted to endorse the following candidates, all of which are Democrats unless otherwise noted:

District 1: Scott Ellington
District 2: NO POSITION
District 3: Rebekah Kennedy (Green)
District 4: Senator Gene Jeffress

District 4: Rep. Uvalde Lindsey
District 6: John Paul Wells
District 7: Diana Gonzales Worthen AND Rep. Jon Woods (Republican)
District 9: Rep. Tracy Pennartz
District 10: Sen. Larry Teague
District 11: Sen. Steve Harrelson
District 12: Bruce Maloch
District 13: Sen. Mike Fletcher
District 15: Johnny Hoyt
District 18: William “Zac” White
District 19: Sen. David Wyatt
District 20: Sen. Robert Thompson
District 21: Sen. Paul Bookout
District 22: Sen. David Burnett
District 23: Rep. Jerry Brown
District 24: Rep. Keith Ingram
District 25: Sen. Stephanie Flowers
District 26: Rep. Eddie Cheatham
District 27: Rep. Bobby Pierce
District 28: Sen. Tiffany Rogers
District 30: Sen. Linda Poindexter Chesterfield
District 31: Sen. Joyce Elliott
District 32: Sen. David Johnson
District 34: Rep. Barry Hyde
District 35: Rep. Linda Tyler

District 3: Brent Talley
District 4: Fonda Hawthorne
District 5: Rep. David Fielding
District 7: JOP John Baine
District 8: Jeffrey Wardlaw
District 9: Rep. Sheila Lampkin
District 10: Judge Mike Holcomb
District 11: Mark McElroy
District 13: David Hillman
District 14: Rep. Walls McCrary
District 15: Charles Tadlock
District 16: Rep. James Word
District 17: Rep. Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV
District 18: Fred Harris
District 19: Rep. Nate Steel
District 20: Lewis Diggs
District 24: Jimmie Harmon
District 25: Rep. John Vines
District 26: David Kizzia
District 28: Barbara Nix
District 29: Rep. Fred Love
District 30: Charles Armstrong
District 31: Tommy Formicola
District 32: Barbara Graves
District 33: Warwick Sabin
District 34: Rep. John Walker
District 35: Rep. John Edwards
District 36: Rep. Darrin Williams
District 37: Eddie Armstrong III
District 38: Patti Julian
District 39: Kelly Halstead
District 40: Steven McNeely
District 41: Rep. Jim Nickels
District 42: Mark Perry
District 44: Judy Riley
District 46: Kyle Osborne
District 47: Jody Dickinson
District 48: Rep. Reginald Murdock
District 50: Rep. Hudson Hallum
District 51: Deborah Ferguson
District 52: L.J. Bryant
District 53: Rep. Homer Lenderman
District 54: Wes Wagner
District 55: Monte Hodges
Distrcit 56: Joe Jett
District 57: Mary Broadaway
District 58: Harold (Cope) Copenhaver
District 59: Rep. Butch Wilkins
District 60: Rep. James Ratliff
District 61: Scott Baltz
District 62: Rep. Tommy Wren
District 63: Rep. James McLean
District 65: Rep. Tommy Thompson
District 66: Jeff Pistole
District 67: Sam Lane
District 69: Rep. Betty Overbey
District 70: Cody Bassham
District 72: Steve Magie
District 73: Rep. John Wayne Catlett
District 74: Daniel Wall
District 75: Steven Breedlove
District 77: Doris Tate
District 78: George McGill
District 80: Jack Norton
District 81: Wolf Grulkey
District 82: Rep. Leslee Milam Post
District 84: Adella Gray
District 85: David Whitaker
District 86: Rep. Greg Leding
District 89: Yessie Hernandez
District 97: Robert “Butch” Berry