River Valley Veterans NCA

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I have been involved in several non-profit organizations in the past our goal was to help people who have had financial difficulties for medical reasons or maybe not being able to feed their families around the holidays. I have help raise monies for cancer research, heart disease and diabetes foundations. I am in a small group of caring people who believe in there fellow man and the ones who have …risked their well being to defend the rights of the American people. I am talking about the men and women who believe the Constitution of the United States is supreme law, not just a piece of paper smeared with words. There are almost 22 million Military Veterans in the United States. In Arkansas there are 260,000, Oklahoma 327,000, Missouri 495,420. known veterans just in these states alone. These numbers are based on the number of veterans receiving services for the U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs. the actual number of vets is a lot higher.
I am working on a new mission now and have become a member of the, ( River Valley Veterans National Cemetery Association) to help in a fund raiser to recognized our fallen comrades who have served in the past wars and are serving now. This project is very dear to me, I just lost my father in August 27, 2011 and my son March 21, 2012 and they both are laid to rest at the Fort Smith National Cemetery.
The monument we are proposing has a great meaning with respect to our military men and women and our community. If you see it in your hearts to help us. We thank you and if you can't we understand. We are no means trying to put anyone on the spot. We just need you support..Mail your donation to the address below..we are non profit and your donation is tax deductible..a receipt will be mailed back to you.. If you are a person who wants to help with this project please let us know. This is going to take a group effort and if you have a business or know of a business, church or another club who would like to help please let us know..Please look us up on Facebook and help share our mission. Help me send this around the world.


Robert (Buck) Castillo

River Valley Veterans NCA
PO Box 5263
Fort Smith, AR 72913