KARN Little Rock Radio Station Dropping Glenn Beck

by Jason Tolbert (jasontcpa@yahoo.com) 71 views 

KARN program director Dave Elswick announced today on his afternoon radio show that the station will soon be dropping Glenn Beck's radio show from their line up.

The Glenn Beck Radio Show has been on KARN mid-mornings from 9:00 am to noon in the time slot before Rush Limbaugh since 2008.  Prior to Beck, KARN had a local show hosted by Scott Wallace who ran for Congress in 2010 losing in the Republican primary to Tim Griffin.

Elswick pointed to the decline in ratings on the Beck program, but also said he was troubled by the direction Beck was taking the program after attending Beck's “Restoring Love” event in Dallas last weekend.

“Glenn about two years ago began to move away from what he did best, a daily look at the news and politics,” said

Elswick on the decision. “After August 28 in D.C., he began mixing in a large measure of religion into his view which started a decline in ratings in our and other markets.”

“I like Glenn, have met him and talked with him, however as Program Director of KARN it's my responsibility to keep ratings and revenue up. This has not been the case with Glenn,” Elswick said.

Beck's last day on KARN will be Friday August 10.  On Monday, August 13 KARN will air Geraldo in the 9:00 am to 11:00 am weekday time slot.

UPDATE (August 13) I tuned in to Geraldo show this morning for a few minutes and enjoyed what I heard.  The part I caught had a discussion with Geraldo, Ann Coulter, and Juan Williams on the Paul Ryan VP selection.

I also got a note from Neal Gladner with FreshTalk radio on 93.3 FM letting me know that they picked up Glenn Beck so he is still on the air in Little Rock if you are a fan.