Adam & Eats: The Bread Box & More

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 151 views 

On this week’s adventure, we are hunting an elusive creature. One of myth, some would say. A creature that has taken many forms, in many locations.

Or so the story goes.

Luckily, this handsome adventurer caught a rare glimpse of this mysterious creature in its natural habitat. Err … right. Enough of the nature show mumbo jumbo.

This week we’re eating at a restaurant that, if memory serves correctly, vanished for a while and has resurfaced in a new location. Just like the Loch Ness monster. I could be wrong, though.

Located in Executive Park, on yet another piece of Fresno Street, is the new home of the Bread Box & More. Or maybe it is the original location and the one that I remember being down by the supercenter on Rogers was a branch. No one seems to know. I mean, I didn’t try to contact the owner Tim and ask him, but you can do that and let me know. We’re on this adventure together after all. You have to do some of the heavy lifting.

Anyway, the Bread Box is super cozy. High ceilings and squishy chairs gives the place a feeling of luxuriousness. That’s not a bad feeling for a place that’s bread and butter (pun intended) is, for all intents and purposes, sandwiches. So, we can check comfortable off of the list of good stuff. The wait staff is sweet and knowledgeable. Check. Food arrives quickly and to order specifications. Check. So far, so good. Let’s take a bite and see how they measure up.

Sweet. Baby. Batman.

That hype about the chicken salad on cranberry pecan bread is no lie. Chicken salad is, by far, not my favorite use of chicken. And I don’t normally like fruit in bread. Both of these statements are now under serious reconsideration. After one friggin’ bite. It is ridiculously delicious.

If you are, say, allergic to chicken, for which I would pity you, I suggest the Fort Smith Reuben. Corned beef, pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island served warm on toasted onion-herb rye. Simply decadent.

If your inner child needs a time out, may I suggest either the PB&J or the grilled cheese. Both are rockin’. Also, if you’ve got the coin to spare, ditch the chips (which come from a bag) and go for the potato salad. It is worth the extra quarter.

I was a little disappointed to learn that they don’t make their own bread, but instead get it from Stone Mill in Fayetteville. Then, I took another bite of that chicken salad and forgot what I was saying.

If you haven’t tried the Bread Box & More, give them a go. Especially if you like chicken salad. (They make to-go lunch boxes!)

Until next time, good eating to you and yours.