Acxiom’s Earnings Jump 21% In First Quarter Despite Revenue Slide

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Acxiom got its first quarter off to a solid start as the database and digital marketer posted net income of $13.33 million on revenue of $271.66 million.

One year ago, the Little Rock-based firm recorded first quarter earnings of $10.97 million on revenue of $276.04 million.

“We are making progress – but we still have much to do,” said Acxiom CEO Scott Howe. “While our margins have improved and we’ve strengthened our managerial capability and focus, this year will continue to be a period of investment and transition. Our objective is straightfor

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ward – get better every day we come to work.”

Acxiom said its marketing and data services division, which accounted for nearly two-thirds of its revenue, was “roughly flat” but U.S. production rose 2%.

Its IT management division saw revenue slide by about 4% to $70 million during the quarter, while other services accounted for a minor decrease in revenue.

Acxiom's stock closed trading on Monday (July 30) at $15.92 per share. The company's stock has traded between a low of $8.94 per share and a high of $16.32 per share during the last year.