Tech Firm Sues Defense Contractor for $2 Million

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Vision Technologies Inc., a Bentonville company that develops and markets highly specialized and technical camera systems, is suing a multinational defense contractor and its subsidiary for breach of contract and unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information.

The suit filed this week in federal court claims L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc., a subsidiary of L-3 Communications, gave VTI’s engineering drawings and technical information to Norwegian firm Kongsberg Maritime.

Kongsberg then sold its camera systems to L-3 MAPPS. VTI claims the transfer of its technical drawings allowed Kongsberg to win a $1.2 million contract from L-3 MAPPS that had previously been committed to VTI.

VTI is seeking damages of more than $2 million for lost profits as a result of the unauthorized release of information and the loss of the contract. The suit also seeks an injunction against L-3 Communications and L-3 MAPPS for any future use or release of the confidential information.

Asa Hutchinson, senior partner with the AH Law Group PLC in Rogers, is representing VTI in the suit.