Peekaboo Media Group Resonates with Hasbro

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 136 views 

Peekaboo magazine editor/publisher Kim Enderle partnered with Lela Davidson and OWC PR founder Loria Oliver earlier this year to form Peekaboo Media Group, and already has made an impression on at least one client.

“We always strive to increase the magazine’s reach and its ability to connect families with businesses, products, brand, and experts,” Enderle said in a press release.

“Now the media group allows us to expand the communication beyond print to all forms of traditional and new media, as well as live events.”

The group’s first event was the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas’ annual Touch a Truck, an interactive fundraiser that allows children to explore their favorite big trucks and vehicles. Hasbro senior director for customer strategic marketing Vince Brick said the event was a natural fit for Tonka trucks.

Brick knew Davidson, an author and blogger, “from a past life,” and met with the group to talk about the best way Tonka could drive brand awareness at the event. The meeting took place “just a couple of weeks” before the event, he said.

“In a short window of time, they put together something that people who came up to our booth probably thought we spent months working on,” Brick said.

Tonka’s 400-SF play area was a hit, Brick added, and he liked the way PMG combined “business perspective with mom perspective.”

Brick had planned to offer Tonka bumper stickers as giveaways, but the media group persuaded him to go with stadium cups. That’s just one example, he said, of its “very tactical” approach.

“If you’ve got a business that you’re trying to get through to Mom,” Brick added, “Peekaboo Media Group is the way to go because they know it.”