Did Jane English Break The Rules Again?

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 94 views 

It appears that Republican State Representative Jane English once again seems to believe the rules just don’t apply to her.

Apparently, Jane English parked illegally in a handicap spot with no visible signs of a handicap sign, according to the Arkansas Times Blog on Monday. I’ve written previous articles on how English moved out of her House district, abandoning her constituents just to further her political ambition.

Yesterday, the Arkansas Times Blog received a picture of Jane English’s vehicle parked in a handicap spot right outside the ritzy Brave New restaurant near downtown Little Rock.

There’s always a possibility that Jane English has a handicap permit and she simply forgot to hang it on her mirror.  If so, that’s totally understandable, but English needs to tell us that fact so there’s no confusion.

But if English just decided to break the law and park in a handicap parking space then two things come to mind: 1) She should voluntarily pay the fine for parking illegally in a handicap parking space.  2) It proves a pattern that Jane English believes that rules everyone else follows just don’t apply to her.

Regardless, English should provide an explanation one way or another.

I’ve contacted her for comment, but have yet to receive a response. If I get one, I’ll update this post.