Brawner: Calling On Rich Problem-Solvers To Run

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 117 views 

Stephens Media columnist Steve Brawner takes a look at the stalled effort of a national group hoping to create a center-government political party based on moderate Republican and Democratic leadership.

From Brawner:

Americans Elect is (was?) a worthy effort, but, this year at least, it ran smack into two hard realities.

One is that people don’t easily change their habits. The way many Americans habitually elect a president is to either vote according to party or to make their decision by sort of passively absorbing information from the news, the campaigns and the people around them, usually not in that order.

Voters are not accustomed to going to a website, as Americans Elect asked them to do, entering their personal information, answering a bunch of questions about their political beliefs, sifting through candidates, and then choosing one to support. Especially one that is probably going to lose.

The other reality is this: People need leaders.

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