Supreme Court, Legislative Races Offer Surprises, Status Quo

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 176 views 

There were a number of influential state legislative and judicial races settled on Tuesday.

In the only statewide race besides Presidential primaries, the Arkansas Supreme Court race between Court of Appeals Judge Jo Hart and Raymond Abramson went to Hart.

Hart, who lagged Abramson in fundraising, did mount an effective TV advertising strategy and she appeared on the ballot with the title “Judge” in front of her name.  She won the race with more than 65% of the vote.

Hart will join two other females on the seven-member bench.

In State Senate primary races, there were a number of epic battles between incumbents, State Representative colleagues and political newcomers.

The only State Senate race headed to a run-off is in District 26 in southeast Arkansas. Rep. Eddie Cheatham held a small lead over former Rep. Gregg Reep in the Democratic primary. Former Rep. Johnnie Bolin did not advance. The winner of the June 12 runoff between Cheatham and Reep will face Republican Mike Akin in November.

Here is a quick rundown of the Senate primary winners:

Democratic Primaries
District 11 – Sen. Steve Harrelson defeated Rep. Larry Cowling *
District 24 – Rep. Keith Ingram defeated Sen. Jack Crumbly
District 25 – Sen. Stephanie Flowers defeated Rep. Efrem Elliott *
District 27 – Rep. Bobby Pierce defeated Rep. Garry Smith *
District 31 – Sen. Joyce Elliott defeated Rep. Fred Allen

GOP Primaries
District 1 – Bart Hester defeated Rep. Tim Summers
District 5 – Rep. Bryan King defeated Bill Coleman
District 7 – Rep. Jon Woods defeated Sen. Bill Pritchard *
District 9 – Sen. Bruce Holland defeated Rick Green *
District 15 – Rep. David Sanders defeated Rep. Ed Garner *

* Primary winner faces general election opponent.

In other high-profile House races:

Democratic Primaries
District 7 – John Baine and Albert Glover may face each other in a June 12 runoff. Seven votes separated Glover and third place finisher, James McMenis
District 9 – Rep. Sheila Lampkin defeated Robert Cornelius *
District 30 – Charles Armstrong and Tommy Branch in runoff
District 33 – Warwick Sabin defeated Mark Robertson
District 37 – Eddie Armstrong defeated Lisa McCollum Smith and Phynaus Wilson
District 52 – L.J. Bryant defeated Todd Wilcox *
District 85 – David Whitaker defeated Maylon Rice *

GOP Primaries
District 39 – Mark Lowery defeated Joshua Clausen, (Recount may occur) *
District 70 – Rep. David Meeks defeated Price Dooley *
District 76 – Rep. Denny Altes defeated Mat Pitsch
District 81 – Rep. Justin Harris defeated Lisa Norris *
District 92 – Rep. Mary Lou Slinkard defeated Jim Parsons

* Primary winner faces general election opponent.