Statehouse General Election Match-ups Become Clearer After Primaries

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 87 views 

Although several run-off elections remain, the match-ups this fall for control of the Arkansas House and Senate are coming into focus after Tuesday's primaries.

In the House of Representatives, 4 Democratic run-offs will take place on June 12. The 4 elections will take place in Lincoln, Mississippi, Pulaski, and Union counties.

Just one Democratic run-off election remains on the Senate side in District 26.  Rep. Eddie Cheatham (D-Crossett) and former Rep. Gregg Reep (D-Warren) are vying for the Democratic nomination in that southeast Arkansas district. The winner faces Republican Mike Akin in November.

There are no Republican legislative run-off elections.

The run-offs slated in south Arkansas could impact the Democratic Congressional run-off in the Fourth District. Those legislative run-off races are in areas centered in or near Senate districts long held by Congressional candidate Sen. Gene Jeffress (D-Louann) or his brothe

r, Sen. Jimmy Jeffress (D-Crossett).

Jeffress led the ticket on Tuesday and faces Hot Springs attorney Q. Byrum Hurst on June 12 in the Fourth District Democratic Congressional run-off election.

Talk Business has pulled together spreadsheets of the run-off and general election match-ups for a quick view of the legislative landscape.

Click here for the House of Representatives list and click here for the State Senate list.

There will be 16 general election contested Senate seats. Fifty House seats will be contested this fall between Republicans, Democrats and Green Party candidates.