Sparks now using ‘World’s Smallest Heart Pump’

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 91 views 

Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith has added a new technology to its portfolio of treatment options for critically ill heart patients.

On April 6, cardiologists at Sparks successfully completed this area’s first procedure with the Abiomed Impella 2.5 heart pump, also known as the World’s Smallest Heart Pump. Sparks Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in the area equipped with this tiny technology, according to a hospital statement.

The minimally invasive device is designed to pull blood from the heart’s left ventricle and pump the blood to the rest of the body through the ascending aorta. In doing so, it temporarily relieves the heart’s pumping function by providing support and allowing physicians the time needed to perform life-saving interventions.
The first patient to benefit from this technology was a 75-year old man who suffered from several conditions, including heart failure. Doctors had previously denied him corrective heart surgery because of the high level of risk involved.

But Sparks interventional cardiologist Nasser Adjei was able to completely restore two blockages near the man’s heart using the Impella pump.

“This is very beneficial for high-risk patients with heart failure” said Dr. Adjei. “It was actually easier than a balloon catheter.”

The procedure took less than one hour to complete, and the patient went home the next morning, excited to be able to spend precious time with his family.
The Impella 2.5 is inserted through the femoral artery into the heart, a procedure that lasts just a few minutes. Patients do not require open heart surgery or general anesthesia.