Rapert Endorses Sanders in State Senate Race

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 687 views 

Due to redistricting last year, much of the area currently represented by Sen. Jason Rapert is now an open district this election cycle.  Rapert was drawn into a general election match-up with Rep. Linda Tyler in Conway.

This means Rep. David Sanders and Rep. Ed Garner are battling it out in the reshaped, open Senate district 15 Republican primary.

Today, Sen. Rapert weighed in on his pick for the new district going with Rep. Sanders.

“Please vote for Representative David J. Sanders for State Senate. We've worked together to cut your taxes and reduce spending. Like me, David has ALWAYS been Pro-Life and is an NRA member,” Rapert said in a campaign mailer touting the endorsement.

This is a big get for Sanders as it amounts to the endorsement of the incumbent for most of the district.  Sanders also picked u

p the endorsement for a group of leaders in Maumelle this week, which is the home territory for his opponent Garner, as well the endorsement of several prosecuting attorneys including the prosecutor for Faulkner, Van Buren, and Searcy counties, Cody Hiland.

I would say it is looking pretty good for Sanders.  More of the mailer here.