Invotek Dialing Up Solutions For Those With Disabilities

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 94 views 

You may have never heard of them, but Invotek, an Alma-based technology company, is performing miracles for those with severe disabilities.

The tiny tech firm, based in Alma, has been on a decades-long mission to serve those with seemingly impossible needs.

“I hope that the vision continues to grow in the direction of providing people with severe disabilities a comprehensive set of services that allows them to succeed,” says Tom Jakobs, founder of Invotek, which he and his wife, Diane, started in 1988.

Their earliest efforts were aimed at developing and marketing accessible toys and communication devices, even a voice-dialing telephone.

Since 1995, InvoTek has focused on pursuing new ways for people with disabilities to access computers, to communicate with others, and to improve their independence.

Invotek recently was awarded more than $550,000 in new funding f

rom the National Institute of Health for the creation of a speech generation tool giving young children with disabilities a fun and interactive way to learn and practice communication skills.

Technical mission aside, Invotek's real impact is not on technology — it's on applying the technology to improve the human condition.

“Initially, Invotek's mission was really focused on the development of technology,” Jakobs says, “Over the years, we've really now changed that mission in that we're still developing technology, but now we're really interested in how we use that technology in a way that really meets peoples' life goals.”

Watch the video below to gain an appreciation for the clients served and mission accomplished by Invotek.