Hurst Debuts TV Ad In Fourth District Race

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 111 views 

Fourth District Democratic Congressional candidate Q. Byrum Hurst debuted his first campaign ad of the primary season.

The 30-second ad touts support for seniors, families and Social Security. It blames much of the country’s economic woes on “Wall Street millionaires.”

Hurst reminds voters he’s a consumer attorney who has fought corporate interests and promises to “fight” for Fourth District citizens in this election.

“It’s about creating jobs, not rewarding corporations that send our jobs overseas,” Hurst says.

Talk Business has reached out to the Hurst campaign to find out more about the ad buy, which has definitely been running on broadcast TV in the Little Rock market. We’ll update this post with more information when it becomes available.

Hurst, the fundraising front-runner among Democrats in the Fourth, faces two other opponents in the May 22 primary, State. Sen. Gene Jeffress (D-Louann) and D.C. Morrison.