Highway Tax Advocates Make Push For Money, Support

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 87 views 

Move Arkansas Forward, the legislative question committee advocating for a half-cent sales tax increase for better roads, may have ended April with a low balance and no expenditures, but the upcoming May report could look different.

This week, a targeted mailer was sent to a narrowly-focused group of “fellow Arkansans” asking for support of the temporary tax increase, which would fund a 10-year bond issue. In a three-page letter dated May 18, 2012, Move Arkansas Forward co-chairs Madison Murphy and Mark Lamberth asked for financial support and voter support this November.

The committee has raised more than $600,000 since it originated last year and has a cash balance of $12,593 as of April 30. Most of the money raised and spent since the committee's formation was used for last ye

ar's highway bond renewal. Since January, Move Arkansas Forward has raised and spent a little under $100,000.

The May 18 letter urges voters to vote for the proposal on November 6. It also relays a variety of research about the economic impact of the proposal and it includes an outline of key highway construction projects in the letter and an accompanying multi-color, tri-fold brochure.

Craig Douglass, spokesman for the group, said the mailer was sent to “opinion leaders” in the state from a variety of sources. Combined with all fundraising efforts, Douglass said the committee is aiming to raise $1 million for its efforts this fall.

The legislature referred the proposal, Proposed Constitutional Amendment #1, as one of its three allowed referrals from the 2011 General Assembly.