Frank Tugwell Stepping Down From CEO Post At Winrock International

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 354 views 

Winrock International CEO Frank Tugwell is stepping down from his post by year's end, according to an email circulated throughout the organization today (May 15).

Tugwell told the staff:

At the meeting of Winrock's board last week, I informed our directors that 2012 would be my last year as President and CEO of this wonderful organization.  The board requested a minimum of six months to undertake a search for my successor, and I want to be certain that they have enough time to complete this important job.

I want to assure you that, for the remainder of 2012, I will be on the job and working with all of you to make certain that we continue to strengthen Winrock, meet our strategic objectives, and respond effectively to the many challenges we face in global development.  At the same time, I will be working closely with the board and staff to develop a smooth transition plan to new executive leadership.

You have my gratitude, in advance, for any help you can provide as we work to assure that Winrock continues as a strong, respected, and effective organization for many, many y

ears to come.



A spokesperson for Winrock confirms Tugwell's pending retirement.

Tugwell has been at the helm of Winrock since January 1999 and worked primarily from the group's Arlington, Virginia, office.

Winrock International, headquartered in Little Rock, is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the U.S. and globally to increase economic opportunity and sustain natural resources. It provides funding and expertise in the areas of agriculture, natural resources management, clean energy, and leadership development.

Winrock International was created in 1985 with the merger of three institutions: the International Agricultural Development Service, the Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center, and the Agricultural Development Council.

The Agricultural Development Council was actually founded in 1954 by John D. Rockefeller, III.

Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center was created in 1973, the year that former Arkansas Gov. Win Rockefeller died. It's purpose was to improve animal agriculture.