Darr Acknowledges National Day of Prayer

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 104 views 

Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr today acknowledged the 61st Annual National Day of Prayer in a statement from his office.

“Let us all take a moment today and I hope everyday to pray for our leaders, our soldiers and the citizens of this great nation,” said Darr.  “Prayer has been an instrumental part of our history. President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for our nation to unite in prayer as our troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. Before the battle of Gettysburg, President Abraham Lincoln turned to God in prayer.”

“I believe in the power of prayer and daily thank God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us,” said Darr.

Although there have been several times of national prayer in our nation’s history, a National Day of Prayer has been officially recognized since 1952 on the first Thursday of May.