Clark Hall Loans His Campaign $50,000

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 173 views 

It looks like the fundraising advantage the Clark Hall for Congress Campaign has hit a bit of a snag.

According to his latest financial filing, Hall raised just under $20,000 for the previous month and he appears to be burning through cash rather quickly.  According to a filing on May 10, Hall has loaned his campaign an additional $50,000 after previously loaning it $25,000.  He is also reportedly making several large media buys totaling around $50,000 in the Little Rock and Jonesboro media markets.

Perhaps Hall is hoping to finish off the race on May 22 and avoid a June runoff. Hall faces Democratic prosecuting attorney Scott Ellington and ASU economics professor Gary

Latanich in the primary.  Although neither have shown much fundraising ability either, Ellington had a slightly lead in the latest Talk Business poll with 15% to Hall's 10%.  With over 71% undecided, it looks like Hall is going all in on trying to go after the undecideds, including ponying up quite a bit of his own money.

Also of note, Hall paid Milton Ezell – Deputy District Director for Congressman Mike Ross – $10,000 in May for something called “Community Outreach Consulting.”  Also receiving a “Community Outreach Consulting” payment was Tommy Cole of Helena.